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Kraken -this is not only a top online store, but also a whole public space for communication. The site has a wayaway forum where you can discuss your problems with people like you, learn something new from the world of the darknet and, in general, have a good time with pleasant lamp communication. Also on the forum you can participate in contests, learn about promotions, find work and useful information.

In order to enter the forum you need to register, as always it is not difficult, enter captcha, login and password and go to the forum site itself. At the top you will see a general chat button, where communication takes place immediately with everyone who is online. But keep in mind, after registration, if you are a new user, you will have a restriction on the publication of your messages, this is done to cut off bots.
Below you will find a section with promotions and contests. If necessary, you can go to the section Administration, where there is information about all the rules of the forum, as well as about the conditions of placement. There is also a button Top stores and products. Here you will find the best products, there is also an exchanger for replenishing the balance to Kraken and other platform services. As you can see, on Kraken you can not only buy the products you need, but also just have a good time in a good company of interlocutors.